Concordia, Kansas is all the buzz right now. Especially since a letter from Martha Washington was recently discovered in this small town of 5,700 residents.

Apparently an authentic letter “…postmarked Philadelphia and dated January 27, 1793 during [George] Washington’s presidency, [it] was found in a clear plastic folder by…[the] Cloud County Historical Society Museum co-director, Marilyn Johnston, while cleaning out some old files. It is written to Fanny Bassett Washington, Martha’s niece.” (Kevin Murphy, Kansas City, Missouri – Reuters) Considering this rare find is around 200 years old, one can understand the excitement over it.

Yet imagine how people felt when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in January, 1947. They were heralded as the ‘greatest archaeological find of the twentieth century’.

“The scrolls [three] Bedouin boys removed from that dark cave [at Qumran] that day…would come to be recognized as the greatest manuscript treasure ever found—the first seven manuscripts of the Dead Sea Scrolls!

“Those seven original scrolls were just the beginning. Over six hundred scrolls and thousands of fragments have been discovered in the 11 caves of the Qumran area. Fragments of every Biblical book except Esther have been found, as well as many other non-Biblical texts.” (

Since then, these scrolls have been studied, analyzed, and safely kept in a special museum at Hebrew University, where they can be seen today. And it cannot be refuted that these scrolls contain sacred truths of Christianity.

So it is always amazing that many still doubt God’s truth, despite evidence to confirm it.

Yes, history reveals the truth of God’s existence. If He wasn’t who He claimed to be, then why did people waste their time writing about Him and taking such care to keep Old Testament truth so safely hidden?

When three young Bedouins entered a cave seeking treasure, they had no idea the impact their discovery would have upon the world. For not only do the scrolls share Old Testament truth but
information leading up to and during the life of Christ.

As we search for truth, let us keep in mind that God has provided all He would have us to know. He gave us His Word so that none of us would be lost to the evil one and the fires of hell.

Why wouldn’t anyone want all the blessings God promised us all those centuries ago?

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1 KJV)

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