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For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

(Ephesians 6:12 KJV)

Dragons And Luciferians

To the normal population, existence of the Reptilians may seem far-fetched, mere science fiction, but I can assure you that these creatures exist and are purely evil. They made mention themselves that if we knew, that we would kill them. Enoch 15:4-6 shares how these beings formerly possessed eternal life but apparently lost this gift when they fell from grace. I also know of a story I read of one person who killed a relative who he or she was convinced was a Reptilian. Reptilians are, in fact, dragons. They are of the Fallen Ones, as mentioned in the Bible.

The Book of Enoch also makes mention of the angels and what they shared with mankind, including witchcraft. See Enoch seven and eight. How they are of other planets is not clear, but with their power and technology, it makes it easy for them to travel anywhere. Remember, they also made an agreement with President Eisenhower in 1954. He allowed them to kidnap Americans in exchange for their knowledge and technology. Satan can never act against us unless we give them permission to do so. It is how so many humans get possessed. We have to open doors to let him in. This includes using Ouija boards. I do not believe Eisenhower realized who he was really dealing with at the time. This President, although understanding his reasons at the time because of our enemies overseas, did something he never should have done. Basically, he sold out his own people to Satan. Of course, if he, too, was a Reptilian then it would make total sense as to why he did this.

As you can see, the Reptilians are in control of all Communist nations. China and North Korea give clear evidence of their hatred of Christians, in particular, through their torture and starvation of them. Other human citizens of these countries are not exempt either. Putin’s current reign of terror over the Ukraine is another example of Satan’s evil tactics against humans.

The AntiChrist is intent on creating a one Communist world, so you can only imagine what that means for the future of our world. He does not want God to be a part of it and is trying to wipe Him out completely, not just from the world but from humans as well. One man who took the Covid vaccine insisted he could no longer feel God inside of him when he took the vaccine. There is something in these vaccines that is intent on removing God from our hearts entirely.

It is believed that George Bush, Sr. was a Reptilian and either he or someone else once remarked that if we knew what this Fascist family and others have done to the American people, that we would tar and feather them, or lynch them. If you’ll recall, these Reptilians are Luciferians. They are of Satan.

Believe it or not, the Reptilians have been around for eons and have ships stationed around the planet. These are invisible. But as we know UFOs to be, millions are seen throughout the world on occasion. And they have weapons that they use against human beings. Remember, Reptilians hate and despise us. Similarly, those in the United States Government hate America and its citizens. They consider us their enemy. So why is that?

Seriously, as I mentioned previously, around 70% of the U. S. Government is comprised of Reptilians, which should explain everything going on right now, as they attempt to destroy America. Reptilians hate and despise God, the Creator, who rules the entire universe but also had the power and authority to kick these wicked beings out of Heaven after they tried to oust Him and take over. Human beings are made in the image of God, so that explains the hatred Reptilians have toward us. We are a daily reminder to them of what they dared try and do. It also explains why they are trying to depopulate our planet and take it over. They have an agenda, and those human beings they retain for their evil purposes will be enslaved by them, as many are now. Many adults and children are kidnapped and taken underground, for various evil purposes I won’t go into. Many children from third world countries are those mainly targeted since no one will miss them as many of them are orphans or from lower caste systems.

One thing for sure is that all of the pandemics, the health problems they keep creating, are intended to kill us all over time, whether you believe it or not. The vaccines are not cures for these various conditions. They contain software and other things, to keep us under their thumbnail, but they weren’t going to tell us this. Remember, it is all about control. When the Covid-19 vaccine didn’t work, they created Omicron. Since those didn’t work completely as they had planned, they came up with the Monkey Pox. These are only ways to get us to be obedient to and trust the Government. Unfortunately, we already know that the donkeys in power are liars and are not to be trusted. Sadly, there may be many people who take the Mark of the Beast when the time comes because they trust these liars, believing that they only have our best interests at heart, which is not true at all.

But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.”

(2 Timothy 3:13 KJV)

I believe the main reason so much of this evil is being exposed right now is because Satan knows that his time is short, because Jesus Christ it coming soon to deal with him and set things right.

They Want Our Planet

Susan Reed shared that the Reptilians are large entities that attach at the back. They identify as aliens, mainly as Reptilian or Nephilim, the Biblical term. But alien and Reptilian is not what they call themselves. Their real identity is Draconian. Currently, they are in control of our planet. Susan stated that the Reptilians plan to kill us all one day so their hybrids can take over the planet. Reptilians cannot coexist with us so they have to get rid of all humans. Otherwise, we will kill them.

The Reptilians want us to have implants via an identity card. This device will enable the Reptilians to kill us. This will happen when everyone on Earth is implanted. Perhaps this is what the Covid vaccine and the other vaccines are all about. It is why so many Democrats want anti-vaxxers ‘dealt with’. Humans will all be killed by electrocution via the implants if all goes according to plan. Susan stated that identity cards will replace everything.

How To Stop Them

Susan Reed claimed that a good way to stop these creatures, is for us to stop using credit cards. For humans, that will definitely be hard to do since millions of people are already in debt. The thing is is if paper currency is still in use, the Reptilians cannot implant us with their special device. Without an implant, they cannot destroy us. After we have been killed, the Reptilians will wait for ten years, according to Susan, then colonize Earth as a hybrid and a Reptilian, using human DNA. So it makes sense now why they are collecting our DNA. Reptilians cannot breathe here, which is why hybrids are needed. But do not worry. I believe that Jesus Christ will soon return and stop all of these things from happening. So if you haven’t yet accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then don’t wait for He is our only Hope in this situation.

Since Susan’s book was published, technology has advanced a great deal.  Smart dust is an easier way now for humans to be implanted, through air conditioners, the air we breathe due to chemtrails, water supplies and the like.  Have you heard of smart dust?  It is all over the place, and we can breathe it in just walking down the sidewalk.  Another advancement is in nanotechnology.  Vaccines are an easy way for a person to have this injected into one’s body.  For further information on how all these things might be possible, check out my article, Weaponized!, which elaborates on some of these things.

Decreasing the use of electronics and wireless devices especially will also help us stop these Reptilians, although we may already be past the point of no return. We have been eating, drinking, and breathing in the nanotech for decades now and is one of the ways the Reptilians are able to remotely control human beings, unfortunately.

Reptilian Weaponry

Susan Reed shared much about the weaponry the Reptilians use against humans. So I will give you an idea of what that weaponry is. Just remember, Reptilians make all of these deaths appear normal. Susan shared that some of these weapons are fired from the sky, perhaps by satellite, but computer programs are also used. The weapons/technology they use can pass through buildings and into houses.

Causing someone to have a heart attack is the number one way to kill someone the Reptilians want taken out. Susan stated that the victim has an attack always at night, usually around 2:40 a.m. or afterwards.

The second weapon is lethal and creates a stroke. A wavelength is used to transfer a blood clotting chemical to the victim. Susan says this is often used to kill in groups at meeting places.

The third weapon has a non-lethal, temporary effect on the victim. The person will feel very disoriented, unable to function normally. Susan said that a hand held device, no bigger than a credit card, is used to fire toxic energy. The substance is usually fired from a distance and can be used against public speakers.

The fourth weapon has a non-lethal, permanent effect that causes general debilitation which includes depression, mind suppression, tension, and dullness. It is given between the hours of approximately noon until ten p.m. There is a peak around 3:00 p.m.. Susan says a person’s work output is reduced.

Weapon Four A, a mass toxic energy substance is put in the atmosphere to suppress all of us. This is sent between noon until approximately ten p.m.

Weapon number five has a non-lethal, permanent effect. This causes anxiety resulting from harmful vibrations given into the body. A timer is involved, so there is a break at night for the victim, Susan adds.

Weapon number six has a non-lethal, temporary effect which creates tension. This is used at 2:40 a.m.

Weapon number seven has a non-lethal, permanent effect which creates depression. It is often used on activists.

According to Susan, the source of some of these Reptilian weapons is a machine that is attached to their spaceships. It harms people’s mind through visualization. They also use enhanced witchcraft – black witchcraft combined with ELF radio wave enhancement.

Susan stated that the first two weapons are usually lethal. Weapons three through seven are non-lethal and can actually be called methods of debilitation. Water, apparently, can clear the effects of these weapons from the body. Susan said that at least 20 minutes in strong jets is effective.

There is more information on all of these things in Susan’s book if you are interested. I just want you to have some idea of what these creatures can do to a person.

Are You Living With A Reptilian?

Susan shared that Reptilians, due to the nature of their work., can be seen working at their computers between the hours of two and three a.m. several days every week. They do not work on holidays. But they do allow you to view them doing this if you are around.

Again, for more details on the weaponry used against humans, read Susan’s book. I believe it is now out of print but you should be able to find a free download, which is how I managed to get a copy. I have been told it is also on audio somewhere.

Again, Susan Reed said that exposing the Reptilians and what they are doing can stop them. She said that the only reason they have gotten as far as they have is because no one knows. “They have to remain secret,” she said, “because we are far too numerous for them to handle. Their hidden agenda is preventing us from raising our consciousness.” Reptilians wants us unaware of their existence.

So there you have it. The gist of what is going on in our world. And again, believe me, this is all true. But continue reading because there is more information being sent your way. Amazing, isn’t it?

Just remember one thing. God still sits on the throne. These Reptilians will not get away with anything when the time comes. So trust Him to take care of you, provide for you, and protect you. God loves you, folks. Never doubt it. Make Him Lord of your life now before bad things come your way. As I said, Jesus is our only Hope in these dark times.

(Continued in Part Four)


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