The Body Snatchers And Susan Reed

The Draconian Organization

The Jekyll And Hyde Scenario

A Reptilian Army

Things They Do To People

The Body Snatchers And Susan Reed

Susan Reed, a pseudonym, wrote a book called The Body Snatchers, exposing her intimate relationship with a Reptilian named Brian. She shared that she was never really attracted to Brian, but something made her become involved with this human host who used her for the energy he needed. Also, the Reptilians use sex to collect DNA samples from human beings.

Eventually, when Brian was apparently done with using Susan, she was killed. Her death was blamed on her drowning, but her family said she was a strong swimmer, that this should never have happened. Most believe Susan was killed by the Reptilians, which is what happens to those who expose them. According to Susan, the Reptilian rule is that: “We stop people before they expose.” and also that “We have to win no matter what.” Susan had taken a course on higher consciousness called, “Awakening Your Light Body”, by Luminescence, which was why she was targeted by these evil beings. Apparently, the Reptilians wanted to know more about higher consciousness so they could stop it. Their hidden agenda is to prevent human beings from raising their consciousness.

When a Reptilian snatches a human body, they keep the human spirit there. Reptilian spirits control a human spirit in a single body. And once a person is taken over, there is no going back. Taking over a human is the only way the Reptilians can carry out their agenda. Humans must not know that they exist. Secrecy is their power.

Reptilians are from the fifth dimension, according to Susan. She said that “Brian was Reptilian through and through, bar his emotions”. Susan said, “ He is cruel to a tee, relishing pain, and is telepathic, with extraordinary mental abilities.”

Reptilians seem to appear differently, with different people. I believe Susan described Brian as an eight foot tall, green reptile with yellow eyes, and had a very unpleasant smell. The Reptilian I saw never expanded in size or changed, other than with her facial features.

If one knows of the heavenly angels, there is a heirarchy. Satan also has a heirarchy of evil angels, which may explain the differences in appearance. The U. S. Government itself knows of at least 150 different “alien” species, according to a report I saw on a television series, UNSEALED.

According to Susan, the Reptilians are highly advanced ‘aliens’. They are masters of the mind and use all of the hidden rules that affect us, such as the law of abundance.

Individually, the Reptilians are more powerful than we are but, as a whole, human beings outnumber them, have more power, and we certainly have the ability to remove them from this planet. “Simple exposure will work”, Susan said.

The Draconian Organization

The Draconian Organization is called “the suppressive force”. They are also called the Illuminati, the Global Elite. They are the Reptilians.

This secret organization is taking over our planet without us knowing about it. They are found in all walks of life and place themselves in different positions throughout the world. They also have a ground force covering various geographical areas.

This suppressive force uses techniques to suppress us so we do not realize what is happening, mainly because we are too caught up in our own problems to even care. They use remote viewing, astral projection, and mind scanning. Susan said she witnessed an alien being that chilled her to the bone. It was transparent. Only energy. It had circular patterns like florets repeated throughout most of its body. A head was visible and there were hands, or something that manipulated tools. It also had a high vibration, as though it should have been good and loving, which confused Susan. “It had a large body, and the room seemed filled with it”, she said.

One underground military base, quite well known, is apparently where these Reptilians do whatever it is that they do there. It is in Dulce, New Mexico. And apparently the Reptilians know how to separate the bioplasmic body from the physical body to place an alien entity life-force matrix within a human body after removing the ‘soul’ life-force matrix of the human. The life-force matrix is the ‘spirit’. The Reptilians and human spirits are technically joined at the mental level.

Reptilians use the humans – now non-humans – as humans are now part of the Reptilians. They do not coexist. It is more like the alien has overwhelmed the human. According to Susan, “The Reptilian is now in the driver’s seat, and the mind of the Reptilian is now in control. The human spirit is needed to coordinate the body, which the Reptilians cannot do. They have spirit technology, but they cannot talk. They are telepathic.” If you’ll recall what Credo Mutwa shared. God had closed the mouths of these evil beings when they were cast out of Heaven.

The Jekyll And Hyde Scenario

“No human being should get near any Reptilian,” Susan said. “They have an evil nature and are completely incompatible with human beings and are very destructive. There is no changing them. They are the most evil beings imaginable and won’t think twice about treating anyone in a most evil way.” As Susan said, “Humans and Reptilians do not mix. “We are not equipped to handle their evil power. They are so evil that they will relish anyone’s pain and would even inflict it if they could.” Susan shared that “It’s like a thrill to them. Pain. The worse it gets, the more thrills they get.” They sort of remind one of the Gestapo regime from World War II.

We are the enemy. Reptilians hate humans. If you mess with them”, Susan said, “you end up destroyed. They are what the Bible describes as Satan.”

Reptilians are aliens, with no emotions. They experience difficulty in this area when they take over a human being.

Reptilian qualities include: cruelty, evilness, extraordinary mental abilities, human qualities of an undebilitated soul of kindness, helpfulness, joyfulness. They have tomblike eyes, use psychic attacks, and are negative about humanity. They are bullies, unpleasant, critical, cut down people, and are not at all nice. That is all an act.

The characteristics that make them compatible with humans include: being helpful, intelligent, rational thinkers, having wisdom, and a high vibration.

Some aliens are more advanced. They are the Dracos. They are superior to the ’emotional toddler Reptilian novice’, who are very immature. All these entities are extremely deceptive.

A Reptilian Army

According to Susan Reed, there is a Reptilian army, one that enjoys harming humans. They seek power and feel superior to humans. They hate all humans. They hate all of us with a passion and only want to see all of humankind dead. They will do anything to destroy the human race. Since they are behind the global depopulation plan, this makes complete sense. Devising various pandemics and viral infections such as HIV, SARS, etc. to try and wipe us out shows how they are willing to do anything to bring their agenda to fruition. They also have an array of weapons they use against us, which I will go into further in another section.

Susan believed that the Reptilian are warriors, which is why they have this ‘have to win’ trait. They can only see energy, not physical things, and they can see what humans see in their minds. Susan shared that Brian was a physical Reptilian 3,000 years ago, in China, as part of the army there. She said that they do not need sleep and can leave the human’s body during sleeping hours.

Things They Do To People

Reptilians are pure evil. There is no doubt about it. Sometimes they attach weapons and implants to human beings. If a person is targeted, attaching implants to people seems to be a common occurance. Susan Reed apparently had implants attached to her bladder, which was frequently stimulated. Any targeted person, usually females, will often share of how government ‘perps’ enjoy messing with their bladders, as has been done to me personally. To me, the perps are just as low as the Reptilians in what they enjoy doing to people. How many perps are actually Reptilians is unknown to me.

It it said that rubber can protect humans, such as using a cloak made out of bath mats, but I have spoken to no one who has tried this in order to protect themselves from frequencies and vibrations.

Susan shared that the Reptilians experiment on humans and use sex with them for genetic research. As they did with the Sumerians, the Reptilians masqueraded as gods and enjoyed the worship given them. As I have mentioned before, Satan was jealous of God and wanted to be worshipped. So once he and his followers were cast to the Earth, he was able to convince humans that the Reptilians were gods in order to get the praise and adoration he wanted, so he does it through deception. Although Satan is a created being, as are all of the Reptilians, he still wanted to usurp God’s position which is why he rebelled against Him, only to lose. The book of Revelations gives a clear picture of what will befall Satan and his followers in the end. When AntiChrist comes to power, he will expect those who have taken his Mark to bow down to and worship him. Scripture says he will commit the abomination of desolation (Mark 13:14) , right before Jesus Christ returns to set things right and set up His Government of Righteousness and Truth, forever destroying Satan’s efforts at doing anything ever again against us.

(Continued in Part Three)

The Reptilian Narcissist

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