The Lord GOD has directed this ministry to start a separate prayer ministry, called Walking In Deliverance With God.  I and other prayer warriors who are strongly gifted in prayer have partnered together to pray for the needs of others throughout the world.  In fact, one of these believers actually died for 45 minutes and found himself standing before Jesus Christ, face-to-face. This man has a powerful anointing and when we pray together, we are a strong force against the enemy.

If you have any prayer needs, feel free to post them on our new Facebook page, at the following address:


Our prayers touch the heart and throne of God, and we have seen many of our prayers answered, some almost immediately.  So please check out our page and feel free to leave a request.  And if your prayers our answered, we would love to hear your testimony to that fact.

And don’t forget to ‘Like’ our page during your visit.  Thank you!

May the Lord guide and bless you!  



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