The Roman Catholic Church is one of the oldest churches known to man. Yet it has a dark history that few know of or even want to acknowledge. If you doubt it, just go back to the time of the Inquisition. You will see then the evil the Catholic Church did. Although now the Church is telling you to view what happened with an open mind.

I am not sure how much evil has to be done to convince you that what the Catholic Church did then to people was for God’s benefit. The Catholic Church is merely trying to cover its evil activities for what was done then. None of the evil tortures they implemented then was for the glory of God. It was a matter of power, wealth, domination, and Satan’s power over man. It all related to ‘self’. And if you are a believer in God, in Jesus Christ, in the Holy Trinity, then you must lay aside ‘self’ and submit yourself to God, as Lord of your life. Many in the Roman Catholic Church have not done this, nor do they intend to.

I was a Catholic for over twenty years, so I know of what I write. I won’t need negative or slanderous/libelous comments to tell me otherwise. It is up to the Holy Spirit of God to reveal the Truth to you. And I pray that you will have an open mind as to the part the Roman Catholic Church is playing in these last days.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are many good, God-fearing, loving believers in the Catholic Church. Many were born again through the Charismatic Movement. Many nuns and priests are born of God, too. However, many are not. In their ignorance, they still carry out and perform that which is not of God. They like all the pageantry, the colorful glass-stained windows, the sacraments and rituals. But many will ardently refuse to hear the truth, nor will they change. I know many people like that, those who are totally and completely sold out to the Catholic Church, just because they were raised in it and believe what has been taught them over the years. Yeah, well so was I, but God showed me the Truth, and I have never looked back. Nor have I regretted my decision to follow God in His Truth, in accordance with His perfect will.


Idolatry is a big clue that the Roman Catholic Church is not what it pretends to be.

Can you go into any Catholic Church and not see statues and other iconic symbols that the Bible strictly forbids?

And how many of you pray to dead people, deemed by the Catholic Church to be saints of God? Do you believe that men are able to discern people’s hearts so they can truly decide if someone is ‘saint-like’ enough to be considered one? The answer is no. Only God can see into a person’s heart, to know if a person is of purity, of pure motives. The Catholic Church was never given that distinction.

The worship of saints – albeit dead people – is not God-ordained. It is Catholic Church-ordained.

One of the worst sins the Catholic Church has committed is allowing the worship of Mary, the mother of God. That, too, is not of God. Years ago, the Catholic Church found itself losing members and financial backing. So, instead of seeking God on the issue, they decided to allow man to worship Mary, the mother of Jesus. They wanted to make men happy so they would not leave the Church. Thus, Mary-worship was instituted. This is an abomination to all that God deems holy and has commanded. A true church of God would never allow this or practice this.

Only God, the Almighty I AM, Lord Jesus (Yeshua), the Holy Spirit – the Holy Trinity of God – is to be worshipped.

Idolizing Jesus’ mother and those the Catholic Church deems worthy of being saints is forbidden by God. The second Commandment of God tells us this. Read your Bible – and not just a Catholic Bible.

And setting up little statues and statuettes in your house is considered idolatry by God. We are commanded by God to worship only God. Not Mary, and not one of the supposed saints. Making images of things in heaven or below is forbidden. (See again the second Commandment of God.) Praying to Mary or the saints is also sin.

Pray only to God and ask only in the name of Jesus Christ (or Yeshua or Yashua).

Even the image of Jesus Christ on a crucifix is not permitted, because that is idolatry. No one knows what Jesus looked like. Any image or picture of Jesus Christ is strictly taboo – forbidden by God.

If you are to have anything, a plain wooden cross would be allowed because it does not have the image of Jesus on it.

Images of angels are also forbidden. So for the many of you that collect angel figurines, etc, beware. You are committing a grave sin against God. Because God is a jealous God and will not suffer you to have graven images or worship those whose image is molded thereon. (See again the Second Commandment of God.)


Another area where the Catholic Church is lacking involves the sacrament of confession.

In the Catholic Church, you are to confess your sins to a priest, who the Catholic Church has established as a mediator between God and man. FALSE.

JESUS CHRIST IS THE MEDIATOR BETWEEN GOD AND MAN. You are to confess your sins to Him AND Him alone, not to a man; namely, a priest. And actually, I find confessing to God Himself much much easier than waiting in line at a confessional to tell some strange man every sin I am guilty of. The priest must battle daily with what he is told, probably being tempted himself to commit similar sins since they are in his mind all the time. The mind is Satan’s battlefield, so imagine what many priests are thinking, especially is they know who you are when you come to confession. I shudder just thinking about it. That would be humiliating and so embarrassing, you would never want to show your face to him again, most likely, depending on the nature of the sin. What you share is between you and God. That’s it.


Nowhere in the Bible does it say that we are to be baptized by the sprinkling of water, as the Catholic Church does. The truth is that baptism means being fully and completely immersed under water. Immersion is the only acceptable means by which we are to be baptized. Again, the Catholic Church has taken the easy way out and changed God’s Word to suit itself.

And baptizing infants is never mentioned in Scripture either. Babies are not able to choose between right and wrong at that young age. If you read your Bible, you will note that only adults, those able to choose whether or not they want to follow Jesus Christ, are baptized. And they were all baptized by immersion. Check it out for yourself.


Personally, I do know a few former priests and nuns. I learned from them that many out-of-wedlock children are born to nuns and priests. There is even confirmation that their bastard children are put into orphanages, for adoption by unsuspecting people seeking children of their own. I often wonder what these potential parents are told of the child’s history. It is probably kept hush hush. Heaven forbid if that knowledge should ever leak out to the world that, despite vows of celibacy within the Catholic Church family of priests and nuns, the majority of them have probably broken that vow.

To the further embarrassment of these supposed people of God, it is common knowledge, in the dark history of the Catholic Church, that from earliest times the Pope himself has had prostitutes brought in to satisfy his personal needs. Based on this aspect alone, one should realize that the Roman Catholic Church is nothing but a big FRAUD. It is not a church of God, but of Satan.

I know this is not what you or many Catholics want to hear, but it is all true.

And did you know that it is not God that the Pope is teaching its parishioners, its supporters, its people, to worship? It is Satan himself.

I firmly believe that the Pope, head of the Catholic Church, is one of two things: He is either the False Prophet spoken of in the Bible, in the Book of Revelation, or He is, in fact, the AntiChrist himself. (

Or it may also be possible that President Barack Obama is the Beast of Revelation 13 and the Pope the AntiChrist. All I do know from what the Lord has told me is that Obama is not the AntiChrist, but that he and his administration will be the ones to bring about his rise. (

There is much evidence out there to support these possibilities.


As I mentioned before, there are many good priests and nuns out there. Yes, they are good people, God-fearing, but not all are born of God. Yet a history of exorcisms demonstrates that some are of God. Much has been gained by those who have used their God-given gifts to exorcise unclean spirits and other demons.

But what one must keep in mind is that Satan is also a liar and the father of it. Not all who perform miracles are of God. And we must be careful in judging others and condemning them. This is forbidden by God. In the end-times, the AntiChrist will perform many such miracles, trying to imitate the God he despises. And Scripture says that, if it were possible, even the elect may be deceived by him, if we are not careful. (Mark 13:22) So I caution you not to trust some who pretend to be children of God and true believers. (

Scripture says that by their fruits you shall know them (Matthew 7:16). If you are careful to watch and discern and pray, you will be able to tell, most likely, if a person is truly of God or of the enemy. We can already see that Obama is not a man of God. He is a man of lies, a man of Satan. Although he is charismatic and good looking and intelligent, he is no different than many other politicians out there. But whether he is a False Prophet or anything else remains to be seen. I can only share what I believe in my heart may be true. It is up to you to do your homework and learn the Truth for yourself.


There is so much information out there regarding the truth of the Catholic Church, I see no point in writing a book about it. My main purpose in sharing this article is to alert you to the fact that no good can come of being a part of this evil entity.

I strongly advise you to check out the links below, especially this one:, which holds so much information on the Roman Catholic Church you will be astounded.

As regards these last days, know that being a part of the Catholic Church is to be part of Satan’s empire. My advice to all Catholics or those considering joining with the Roman Catholic Church, is to get out of this Church and stay away. Leave it, and do not look back.

The Book of Revelation, chapter 17, clearly talks about the city that sits upon the seven hills, Rome, or as we know it to be, The Vatican – the woman – the “great whore’ that has committed spiritual fornication in the eyes of God.

The Roman Catholic Church is not a Church of God.

Believe it.

“…I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, … and here is the mind which hath wisdom. …The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.” (Revelation 17: 7, 9)

“So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness:  and I saw a woman … and the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls.” (Revelation 17:3, 4)

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