Although this video is over a year old, it just came to my attention.

The Lord told me three years ago that the Obama administration will bring about the rise of the AntiChrist, so what is in this video does not surprise me. And the reason they laugh is because the elite have bunkers they can hide in during any coming storms. The bunkers are located beneath the Denver airport. They do not care about you or me or about how we will survive. They want to bring the New World Order, the New World Government, and the One World Religion (Islam) to complete fruition any way they can. I believe it is inevitable that Obama will be reelected to the Presidency and may very well be the last President of the United States. And then, literally, I believe heads are gonna roll, if you know what I mean. The FEMA camps are in place, and the guillotines. Mark my words. Will HAARP be at the center of the coming storms? Maybe. Only time will tell.

America, are you ready? The time is now. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior before it is too late.

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