The State of Kansas has a history of UFO sightings.

The latest was described in an August, 2010 article by UFO Examiner, Roger Marsh. A UFO appeared August 23rd over Raytown, then over Overland, Kansas, then on to Butler and Belton, Missouri.

Whether UFOs exist is still a matter of controversy.

Minister Dante Fortson,, says, in his article dated September 1st: UFOs – Is Your Church Ignoring The Elephant In The Room?, that “The longer I’m in the ministry of the supernatural, the more people tell me that their church won’t touch the subject of UFOs and alien abductions. All over the world people are experiencing something that they can’t quite explain.

“Where are people supposed to turn when they can’t discuss the strange lights in the sky with their pastor? The only place they can turn is to the secular world that is all too ready to preach the Alien Gospel to them.”

According to Fortson, “The subject of UFOs and alien abduction is directly related to Biblical events.”

To put it bluntly, alien beings are actually demons-in-disguise. Fallen angels who are posing as aliens in order to deceive mankind.

The intent of these evil creatures is to lure men away from the one True God of the Bible. They desire for men to trust in a lie of Satan that will ultimately lead them into the pits of hell. These so-called “aliens” hate all men and especially the God of the Bible.

Be not deceived. This is one of the strong delusions that will befall mankind during the end-times. The power of Satan and his demons will try and convince us that they are worthy of being worshipped, not God. Through their knowledge and the power given them when God created them, they will do everything to try and make us believe the lies they are spreading.

Do not allow this to happen.

The closer we get to the Lord’s second coming, the more UFO sightings and demonic activity will increase. Satan will do anything he can to pull men away from the Truth of Jesus Christ.

Keep firmly rooted in the Word of God. Hold fast to the Truth. Pray without ceasing, and trust God to help you recognize the evil that surrounds us.

It is your one sure defense against the enemy in our midst.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12 KJV)

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