The patriarchal age, the age of offering burnt sacrifice, ended the day Jesus died on the cross and the temple veil was rent in two. The cry, “It is finished.”, when Jesus died, ended that age and whatever came before it.

We are living in the New Testament age. We are to give back to God in a cheerful manner whatever we propose in our hearts to give. (2 Corinthians 9:7)

Although tithing is no longer a regulation, it is still a spiritual principle that brings with it protection, provision, and blessings for those who choose to give back to God. The amount a person gives is a personal decision.

Our God is a legal God. His way of doing things was laid out eons ago. Things must be done because of who God is. He never changes, nor do His principles. (Malachi 3:6)

Malachi 3:7-15 is a passage often used by those who advocate “storehouse tithing”. People are misled into believing they are to tithe to their local church rather than giving it to the poor or elsewhere.

The ten percent tithe mentioned in the Old Testament is not equated with that of our gross salary today. Giving is actually a matter between the Holy Spirit and the believer. Tithe mentioned in Scripture is used only as a guideline in determining how much we should give.  Ten percent, however, is a good starting point.

People attend church and give money to help support missions or whatever. It is the same everywhere, in Kansas and throughout the world. Unfortunately, some misinterpret Scripture for their eventual gain. By disguising tithes as “seed gifts” or “faith offerings”, people are being tricked into giving wrongfully.

Paul the Apostle wrote, in 2 Corinthians 9:7, that God examines the motives for giving, not the amount. We need to remember this.

A woman in Wellington, Kansas, let’s call her Esther, has been accused of evil because her money is not being given to a local ministry. This woman, struggling to survive on disability, gives as she feels the Lord is leading her.  Is it wrong then that she be ridiculed because she is being obedient to God in her method of giving? Or is the minister involved correct in believing that he can demand ten percent of her income?

According to Scripture, this woman is walking in obedience to God.

If you are being made to feel as if you are robbing God because you aren’t giving the way someone else thinks you should, then pray about it. God will impress upon you where He wants you to give and how much.

By listening to the Holy Spirit, you are free indeed.

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