Pagan origins of St. Valentine’s Day are stronger than Christian. Yet some nations consider it a Christian holiday and have banned it.

Although typically an American holiday, it is not a Christian holiday. Valentine’s Day has its roots in paganism, as do many holidays. Regardless, many Americans still celebrate it.

Did you know that, according to,:

“In the United States, Valentine’s week is ranked number one in regard to chocolate…sales? Sales…account for more than $345 million…of the more than $448 million…in candy consumers will purchase to celebrate…

“E-commerce retailers expect to rack up about $650 million…selling…Valentine’s Day-related goods?

“About 15 million electronic Valentines (e-Valentines) were sent in 2010?

“About one billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year? Teachers receive the most cards, followed by children, mothers, wives, then sweethearts. Children ages six-to-ten exchange more than 650 million Valentine’s cards with teachers, classmates, and family members.

“…U.S. consumers, in 2009, spent an average of $102.50 on Valentine’s gifts and merchandise? Total spending on the holiday was expected to reach $14.7 billion.

“The 35-to-44-year-old age group spends the most money on the holiday, followed by young adults aged 18-to-24? The 55-to-64-year-old age group spends the least money.

“…Men spend nearly twice the amount of money celebrating the holiday than women do?”

With Valentine’s Day candy and other items lining sections of Dillons and WalMart stores in Wellington and Wichita, Kansas, it is understandable why Americans are so taken with this holiday. The pinks, whites, and reds catch our eye the moment we walk into these stores, and the power of chocolate overwhelms most females.

Face it. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is not in keeping with God’s Word. God is a God of love and would rather we show love to friends and loved ones, all mankind, every day, not just on Valentine’s Day.

It is okay to purchase gifts to show others how you feel about them. Anytime, so long as you have right heart motives and attitudes. But keep your focus on God, not on store merchandise or tacky decorations of cupids and cherubs. Demonstrate your love through kindness, compassion, and giving.

Remember, man-made holidays are intended for others to get rich, because in these last days…

Greed is the name of the game.

“Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

“He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.” (1 John 4:7-8 KJV)

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