Nate Jones of the Wellington Daily News states that “Change was one of the topics of discussion during the February school board meeting Thursday night.

“Apparently the five-member Recreation Board is appointed by the school district, and City Manager, Gus Collins, believes it ‘makes sense’ to appoint two from the school district, two from the Wellington City Council, then have one ‘at-large’ member appointed by the four, since many facilities share and overlap between schools, city, and rec.” This would be fair for all concerned.

Now change is a constant in our world, a daily occurrence, and sometimes necessary.

Fashions change. Car models change. Laundry detergent becomes ‘new and improved’. The list is endless.

When doctrinal changes are made at Church, it should be because God ordered it. Yet such is not always the case.

Another change has been made in the Catholic Church. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It’s called: iConfess. Protestant churches are guilty of this as well.

Catholics can now avoid the confessional and share their most intimate sins with a priest online. How easy. And how ridiculous.

Now the Catholic Church has been guilty for centuries of changing doctrines for its own purposes, and this is no different.

Nowhere in Scripture does it say we are to confess our sins to a priest. In fact, the New Testament says that all believers are priests. (1 Peter 2:5-9) Where once all believers had to offer animal sacrifice or go through priests for absolution from their sins, that all changed at the cross.

“When it comes to confession…believers are told to confess their sins to God [directly]. (1 John 1:9) God forgives as we confess.

“James 5:16 speaks of confessing our trespasses ‘to one another,’ but this is not the same as confessing sins to a priest as the Roman Catholic Church teaches. Priests/church leaders are nowhere mentioned in the context of James 5:16. Further, James 5:16 does not link forgiveness of sins with the confession of sins ‘to one another.’” (

Confessing all known sin to God alone, seeking His forgiveness, is what the Bible says. Jesus Christ is the only Mediator you will ever need. And there’s no chance of a blue screen coming up or your computer crashing while you unload yourself to God.

Easy, isn’t it?

“For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;” (1 Timothy 2:5 KJV)

“He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.” (Proverbs 28:13 KJV)

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