Steaming forth from the blazing buckets of hell,
Myriads of black, scorched, scaly arms flailing, poking through the clouds and smoke,
A sight disgusting, nauseating, fascinating, to human eyes,
As hands reach and claw their way toward Heaven,
Yet hopeless in their search,
To be free from the bowels of putrid evil and fear sucking them backwards,
Into the darkness, into the pit, into the nights of tormenting forever.

No relief, no freedom for the wicked,
From the abominations of Hell,
He saw to that,
When He created Hades.

A fiery pit of creative, endless terrors and never-ending pain and suffering,
A place for the Adversary and his angels,
But never for us,
Unless we choose,
An eternity without Him.
All opportunities revoked,
And no last minute warnings.

No breath of fresh air,
No cooling drink,
No hope for life…or rescue.

Only loneliness, aloneness, fear, and pain,
As snaking flames envelope the citizens of the pit –
Burning, piercing, protruding, pounding, emanating, invading every crevice of the flesh,
With a disgusting, heart-rending, sulphur-filled stench to overwhelm the senses…always.

A scalding, searing reality for the wicked,
For those who deny Him,
For those who hate Him.
For those who choose a forever without Him.

‘Tis fitting, the punishment.

Abominable, repugnant, misshapen creatures of darkness, overwhelming and terrifying in stature,
Behemoths, gargantuans, stronger than any human can imagine…or defeat.

Deep caverns of foulness,
Of bottomless, enveloping, stifling, pitch blackness,
Such as one can never conceive.
No light at all…forever.

And endless torture,
By demons of old,
Enjoying your pain, your suffering.
How they marvel at your screams,
Your shouting for a God who no longer hears…or listens…or cares.
Just like you did once,
When He called and beckoned to you.
But you ignored Him.

So you gave it all up.
And joy,
And dreams fulfilled.

You chose:
Only evil;
Only ugliness;
Only foulness;
And terror beyond imagination.

A picturesque abomination,
For those who choose it.

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