An article dated March 19, 2011, in The Wellington News, mentioned that a Mulvane, Kansas resident is related to President Obama. How cool is that?

Regardless of the ancestral link, it is doubtful this person will ever inherit anything from this important relative.

Some people have rich relatives and may even pretend to be nice to them, hoping to gain some of their wealth upon their demise. Yet even that won’t guarantee they will receive an inheritance.

Scripturally, Israel, as God’s chosen people, were promised an inheritance from the Lord, of the land He told them of. So “No one else had or even now has the right to encroach on God’s territory or legislate against God’s people, let alone dictate terms and conditions contrary to His Word.” (

The land and the people of Israel are called the heritage of the Lord. The land is Israel’s heritage; the land and people of Israel are God’s. That means that any of the rebellious nations of the world who seek to divide the land God has given His people will be judged. It is not their land to take.

The fact remains that, just because the ten tribes of Israel were later scattered among the heathen due to their continual rebellion against God, did not mean they had lost what God had promised them.

God instead had compassion upon them, telling them He would regather Israel from all nations of the world, into the land their fathers possessed. (Deuteronomy 30: 3-5)

However, before that would happen, God commanded His people be sanctified in Him. This meant they had to put on the true wedding garment and become true spiritual Israelites. So it is important to note that no unsaved Jew will ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven, regardless of what has been promised. Because God does not play favorites. Because being Jewish does not automatically mean a ticket to Heaven.

The Bible teaches that many nations will be added to the Lord and that all born-again believers, too, will be His people in His Kingdom. As Abraham’s spiritual descendents, Christians, too, will be received as God’s people.

And they, too, will receive the heritage of the righteous.

“For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.” (Galations 3:16 KJV)

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