Recently, it has come to my attention, not just through Facebook postings, but also through news articles and grapevine contacts, that the U. S. Government has been purchasing chemicals, along with the 450 million rounds of caliber ammunition that Homeland Security has already purchased.  The chemicals, it has been learned, helps to break down human flesh.  So if one is anticipating having mass graves, these chemicals will help bodies to decompose more quickly.  Since such information is public, one can only assume it will be used against American citizens and, particularly, for those put into FEMA camps.

The New World Order has an agenda, as I have mentioned.  Many are scoffing, saying it is all conspiracy theory, that the U. S. is merely preparing for any emergency.  But what has recently been revealed is shocking and pertains to the implementation of the RFID Chip, which many Christians, including myself, believe is the Mark of the Beast as prophesied in Scripture. (Revelation 13)

Clearly, the American Government, following the reelection of Obama, is preparing to go to war with the citizens of the United States.  And I believe that the implementation of Martial Law is closer than we realize.

I may have mentioned before about the coming invasion of America by Russian and Asian forces, together with Islamic military forces, with the intent to surround us from all sides, and that submarines are even now waiting offshore to begin implementation of this NWO plan to take over the United States.

It has also been learned that, for the past several months. there have been secret mergers between credit and personal data management companies.  One company has acquired data from several worldwide sources, including the United States, and now owns the entire Chinese credit database.

Before the financial collapse of the United States, it is believed that a one world credit reporting and human tracking system may be in place, prior to the implementation of the one world currency, which is where the Mark of the Beast, the RFID chip comes in.

Several companies have been acquired over the past three months and, eventually, all these data companies will merge at a super data center which lies in a Florida bunker.  All information will then be merged with facial recognition software or realtime control over all citizens and their access to money or credit.  At that point no one will be able to buy or sell unless they have the RFID chip and are in the data control system.

The NWO members have a timetable which means, America, that we are getting closer to Martial Law, other disasters, or other crackdowns we can hardly imagine will happen here in America.  It is believed that we now have only six to eight months, or less, before all hell breaks loose in the United States.

Offensive plans are underway to physically integrate existing regional forces, both domestic and foreign, in the next few months.  These will be used against those in the rural areas that will present the greatest resistance to active military or militarized police units in the event of martial law.  This includes citizen militias or other organized armed groups that are expected to emerge in the aftermath of a major domestic event; i. e. following the election or financial collapse.

Here is the scary part:  American citizens – civilians – may be placed in resettlement camps while ‘selected’ FEMA camps would house, interrogate, and deal with captured, armed combatants.  These camps would be staffed by Spetznaz (Russian special forces) or Asian troops specializing in interrogation techniques ‘without equal’.

It is believed that many of these camps are underground exclusively.  It is also believed that operations are being planned utilizing the grounds and resources of the Native American people, similar to the active preparations being made in western South Dakota and eastern Wyoming.

Apparently very rural, previously abandoned, WWII vintage aerodromes or former private airstrips will house advanced ‘drones’ that have aggressive weapons platforms.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance, America, of stocking up, if you can afford to, on essentials needed for survival, perhaps for a three to five, even seven year period at best.  If you can find a safe place to hideout or escape to, if you can afford to, then start preparing now to leave America before God’s Judgment falls on it.

If you refuse to take the RFID chip, you may suffer for it, I won’t lie.  But you will be guaranteed eternal life in Heaven.  But you must accept Jesus Christ into your heart as your personal Lord and Savior before all hell does break loose in America.   You must believe in Jesus Christ.  He is the only way to Heaven.

You will not be able to buy or sell anything, which is why you need to keep cash on hand and food and other supplies, enough for your entire household.  But you need to decide now what your choice will be.  Jesus and Heaven (saying no to the chip) or Satan and Hell (saying yes).

If you take the RFID chip, then, yes, you can buy and sell…and eat…as you did before.  But you will live under rule of the most evil ‘thing’ on Earth.  AntiChrist.  Then when you die, you will spend eternity in Hell.  Once you take the chip, there is no hope for you.  No way to change your mind.  No going back.

I pray that the Lord our God will count all of you worthy to escape what is to come.

God’s will be done.

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”  Revelation 13:17 KJV

“But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”  Matthew 24:13 KJV

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