Did you know that God is bigger than your problems?

The June 22, 2010 Neal Boortz radio talk show on KNSS Wichita made mention of an Argentinian couple who were so terrified after learning about Global Warming that they shot both of their two children and then committed suicide.

According to an article on www.InfoWars.com, “In a suicide note, reportedly discovered by police, the couple cited their extreme fears over the effects of global warming.”

“Crazy,” you say, but true nonetheless. Although this was an isolated incident, it only shows the power of the media and the government to affect lives.

But what people need to realize is that God, the Creator of our universe, is bigger than any problem that may come our way.

Victory over any problems that may beset us is found in Jesus Christ and in the Cross.

We need only keep our eyes on Him and trust Him to see us through every problem, every storm that comes our way.

Do not allow fear of the future or any media hype to help you to lose your focus on God. The enemy will use any weapon at his disposal to instill fear into you and try and destroy you. He hates God and anyone who worships Him.

So the next time you have a problem, whether financial, physical, or otherwise, turn your eyes on Jesus and don’t look back.

God is bigger than you, your problems, and every government and nation of the world.

It is He who will help you and grant you the victory over any situation.

So trust only in Him, be patient, and wait on Him to see you through. It is not as difficult as you may think.

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