Satan’s people are ruining America, our reputation, and our lives…because of their personal greed and evil ways.  The New World Order.  The Federal Government of America.  

But know this.  Jesus Christ is going to return soon.  To judge all nations and all peoples.  The evil elite running America will NOT get away with the crimes they are guilty of committing throughout America and the rest of the world.  Nor will any other corrupt government or Satanic system of control.

Ever wonder why other nations hate us?  It’s not because of jealousy over our freedoms.  It is because America is considered a terrorist, thanks to the evil that has corrupted our leaders and politicians.  Thanks to the evil they have committed in other countries of the world.  Why shouldn’t other nations hate us for invading their homelands and stealing their resources?  For destroying their lives?  It is no wonder God is preparing to judge America. Not just for these wicked deeds, but for what has been allowed to happen in our own country.  We have rejected God and His laws and, since many have chosen to continue their evil lifestyles and sin, God has no choice now but to let us know Who’s Boss.  By the end of our troubles, the entire world will know that Jesus Christ is Lord, the ONLY LIVING GOD.

The following video shares the truth of America that may or may not surprise you.  Regardless, unless Americans repent of their wickedness and turn to God, judgment will fall.  So don’t be surprised or dismayed when it actually happens.


“The righteousness of the perfect shall direct his way: but the wicked shall fall by his own wickedness.”  (Proverbs 11:5 KJV)

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