This video recently came across my desk. It is imperative that everyone view it because it is a matter of our survival.

Not only is our fresh water being sent to China, while we are returned with China’s filth, now it is learned that more greedy people are contaminating many other water sources throughout the United States as they drill for natural gas.

So if you are finding your drinking water suddenly contaminated because your wells have gone bad, then most likely it is because natural gas and many toxic chemicals are seeping into your ground water, polluting it. People are getting dizzy, having headaches, getting asthma, suffering from neuropathy, together with many other health concerns that are making people and animals sick. Animals are losing their hair and getting ill, too.

This is happening in areas of Pennsylvania and other areas of the United States, possibly also in Europe and North Africa. The greedy people of this world care not for you or me. As usual, money is the name of the game.

If your water smells like gas or anything else foul, have it tested. You may be shocked and outraged by what you discover is in it.

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