My article on the Roman Catholic Church has been attacked by, of course, Catholics who believe it is Satanic in nature because they refuse to believe the truth.  I’m not sure how many visuals need to be posted before they will believe it, but I stand by what I wrote. The Catholic Church is not what it seems and has an extremely dark, violent history.  It is overlorded by Satanic people and one, in particular.  That’s not to say that all priests and nuns are evil.  Many are born-again, charismatic Christians.  It is the power structure overseeing the Church that is evil.

The following videos share who is believed to be the False Prophet of the AntiChrist Triangle, the Pope.  Or possibly, in this case, the Black Pope of the New World Order.  Regardless of which one it is, view these videos for yourself and come to your own conclusion.  And if you are Catholic and finally believe the truth, then my advice is for you to leave the Catholic Church forever and find a true Bible-centered, salvation-preaching church.  And get re-baptized, by immersion this time.  If not, you will go down with this Church when the time comes for God’s Judgment upon it.

May the God of Heaven open your eyes to the Truth, once and for all.

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