The Word of God says that in the last days wickedness will increase. (Matthew 24:12)

With the closing of so many businesses and stores throughout the nation, it is amazing how many surviving businesses are jumping at the chance to jack up their prices. It is so convenient to blame it on the economy.

In one city in Kansas, it is apparent that one business is making the effort to line its pockets with more money by ridiculously increasing its prices, which seemed already too high to begin with. With the closing of one business came the gloating of another, it seems.

Knowing the people of this Kansas city now have only one of two places left to shop, one business seems to have taken full advantage of the closing of the Apple Market. When a popular item increases almost two dollars in a matter of days, it just seems odd that that would happen…right after Apple Market closed. Other items have noticeably increased as well. Sure, businesses have to keep up with inflation. But when an item jumps so high that the consumer won’t even consider buying it any more, there is something wrong.

And one noticeable trick pertains to items marked as sale items.

How often have you purchased something you believed was on sale, only to learn that it wasn’t? Then when you went to customer service about it, you discovered that the sale price label on the shelf was a mistake, that it was meant for a product several items down from the one you believed it was for? You have to watch this because this, too, is becoming a frequent ploy to get you to buy something at full price. It is a deceitful practice that we need to remain aware of.

Granted, the economy is to blame for the increase in certain items on our nation’s shelves. That is common knowledge. But a drastic price increase, especially when people on fixed incomes are now struggling more than ever to buy even the basics, can only be related to greed.

In the last days, the Bible predicts that it will cost us a day’s wage for even a loaf of bread. (Revelation 6:6) Since this is already happening in some parts of the world, we shouldn’t be surprised when it actually starts happening in our nation.

Considering what is happening in the world around us, we can see that we are well on our way to seeing more Biblical prophecies coming to pass.

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