Along with the dumbing down of Americans is the brainwashing. The Illuminati uses the music industry and the sports industry, as well as many other avenues, against the American people, in an effort to distract us from what is happening around us. We are losing our freedoms, America!! And no one is stepping forward to complain or fight against those who are working against the destruction of our great nation. The New World Order and the AntiChrist are more real than you may have imagined. These powers are already at work to destroy America and its people, to destroy our freedoms and all we hold dear. And don’t forget that 90% of the world’s population is to be annihilated so the ultra-rich and powerful can have the world they way they want it, under the power of Satan and his AntiChrist, under his New World Order, under his One World Government, and under his One World Religion.

Please wake up, people! Pay attention to what the government is doing when we aren’t paying attention. Refocus! Get your priorities in line with reality! America is going down, and who is here to stop it from happening?

If you don’t care, then your fate is already sealed. While you were sleeping, the evil in this world were signing laws into being that should not ever be.

If you don’t believe that the powers that be are working evil against us, then just take a look at how Americans were distracted during the 2012 Super Bowl. Was the half-time show mere entertainment? Or a way to promote the Illuminati/Satanic agenda?

The Illuminati Super Bowl Half Time Show Symbolism Explained:

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