As most Americans already know, the United Nations is considering implementing laws and severe restrictions for gun control here. Unfortunately, those in England and Australia have already been lied to and forced into giving up their firearms and have posted videos as a warning to America of what will happen if we don’t fight for and protect our Second Amendment rights.

Once and if gun control laws are put into effect, anyone daring to protect themselves then may very well be arrested and suffer the consequences, when and if the time comes, as has already happened in Australia, the UK, and other countries.  

As mentioned previously, once we are all unarmed, we will be left as sitting ducks when America is invaded and taken over.  Our own military will assist in implementing martial law.  Crime will increase tremendously because all law-abiding citizens will no longer be able to protect themselves.

Be forewarned America.  Judgment is about to fall unless we turn back to God and humble ourselves before Him.  And the freedoms we so cherish will become a thing of the past.

Believers have long been aware of what will happen during the end-times, which we are now in.  Regardless, we must trust God to care for and protect us and pray that He will count us all worthy to escape the coming Tribulations.

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