Well, our worst fears have come to pass.  Obama is planning to commit treason against all Americans.  He is proposing to pass a bill WITHOUT DELAY that will begin confiscating America’s guns BY or BEGINNING January 1, 2013.  I told you it would happen, and this is a full frontal attack against the Second Amendment, the U. S. Constitution, and our Bill of Rights. Granted, it is starting with assault weapons, but confiscation of the rest of our guns is sure to follow.  Then, once we are defenseless, the invasion of our country will begin and genocide will surely follow.  Just like Hitler did in WWII, to his people.  Americans will now be criminalized if they own a gun or go against the NWO agenda.

Wake up, America!!  Obama is the key player, in accord with the globalist regime, in turning America into a Communist nation.  The attack on Sandy Hook was a set up to help bring this gun confiscation law into effect.  Warn your friends!  This is not a hoax!

The time is short, people.  Accept Jesus Christ into your hearts now before it is too late.  And trust Him for your future. 



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