It is no surprise that in the end times Satan’s people, those willingly following AntiChrist, will hate true believers.  The following video reveals that all pro-lifers, anyone against the new Communist regime/administration, even military members, are to be targeted and put on a list, possibly for extermination.

I have shared time and again that the global elite, the Illuminati, the New World Order, have lists, through the CIA and FBI invasion of our privacies, with names of those they feel threaten their evil, Satanic agenda.

Since word has it that Obama may bypass Congress completely in order to pass the gun control laws against our citizens, in violation of the Second Amendment of our Constitution, the round up of anti-Administration groups may begin.  Approximately two weeks before martial law is said to go into effect.

Christians and others who are on the lists, whether red, blue, orange, or whatever colored list they are on, will be roused from their beds at four in the morning, just as in WWII when the Jews were rounded up, put into boxcars, and shipped to various camps for extermination.

If you don’t believe this will ever happen, then you need to wake up.  Why do you think that Homeland Security has been stockpiling weaponry and ammunition?  To secure our homeland? Hardly.  It is to be used to kill American citizens who resist the NWO agenda.  Satan’s agenda.

So please, accept Jesus Christ into your heart before these evils come to pass.  The time is short, and there is an urgency that one not hesitate to prepare for the days ahead.  Our one hope rests in the knowledge that Jesus Christ will save us in the end.  If you wish to spend eternity in Heaven, then accept Him now…and trust Him for your future.  And do NOT take the RFID chip.  That was not a rumor.  It is only that the times have been changed for its implementation.  AntiChrist likes to do that.  To keep us guessing.  This Mark of the Beast is a real device that will separate God’s people from Satan’s.  Once you take that mark, you will be forever lost to Hell.  This is no joke.

Please wake up to what is happening in our world.  Do not think that the monies being sent to the Muslim nations for fighter jets by our very own President will be used for good.  Those fighter jets will be used against the people of the United States when the Russians, the Chinese, and the Muslim military invade our nation.  You can count on it.

Trust in Jesus Christ.  The time is now.

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