As shocking as this information is, I believe it all to be true.

BP and the Gulf Oil Spill

As you can see below, there are many many links containing information to prove that British Petroleum (BP) may indeed have deliberately caused the Gulf Oil Spill that not only contaminated the waters but also killed off wildlife and thousands of other poor sea creatures. Not only that. Many of the volunteers are now becoming extremely ill because of what BP is contaminating the water with.

From what I have learned, the oil spill is NOT being cleaned up. The oil is being contained through chemicals that cause it to sink deeper into the ocean.

“Corexit 9500, [is] a chemical designed to break oil slicks into globules that are more quickly consumed by bacteria or sink into the water column before hitting shore.”

This toxic oil dispersant, Corexit, is being put into “the Gulf of Mexico by British Petroleum and government disaster-relief agencies, even though a better alternative appears to be available.”

This poison is not only killing off other creatures, but volunteers and other human beings unfortunate enough to be living in the area of the spill.

The apparent aim of BP is to wipe out people in that area or force them to move, so those in charge can begin building a plant that will allow them control of all heating fuel, which they intend us to buy from them in the years to come.

During the Exxon Valdez oil spill we find obvious similarities. I was skeptical at first, until I found some articles on the subject. But it is all true and just makes me more furious at the arrogance of these people.

Almost ALL of the volunteers who helped clean up Exxon Valdez are dead now. Apparently because of a poison they had been unwittingly using in the water to help clean up the oil spill there.

But did you know that former Vice President Dick Cheney and the GOP are behind all of this? That Cheney may have much to gain from it all? (

Did you also know that Halliburton, a Texas oilfield services giant, famous for its links with Dick Cheney, was hired to pull the plug on Deepwater Horizon before the explosion that caused the Gulf Oil Spill? That it is directly implicated in this catastrophe? That Cheney is a former CEO of Halliburton?

BP and other greedy, evil people are working on changing the direction of the Gulf Stream in order to make changes in the weather (not just through HAARP, in Alaska). The intent is to cause something like a mini-ice age so that people will either freeze to death or have to rely on BP to provide heating oil to us in order for us to survive the attempts of the Bilderberg group to wipe out 90% of the world’s population, in order to make those surviving more manageable. And more rich.

Unfortunately, the agenda is that only the rich will be allowed to survive. In their greed, the rich have grown arrogant, cold, and self-centered, believing themselves to be god-like. They believe they can kill off most of the world and create a better, more manageable one. Man, can you imagine that these puffed-up morons actually believe that someone like Paris Hilton is better than the rest of us, just because she was born into money? What the heck are these guys thinking? (No offense against Paris because I happen to like her.)

HAARP – A Weapon of Mass Destruction – and the “Joint Vision 2020” Plan

Yes, we have the technology.

The Alaska-based HAARP has been blamed for both Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami of 2004. Also, some say it is behind the current, huge winter storms. Unfortunately, I believe all of this to be true. I believe the U. S. has an agenda, along with the wealthy elite of the world, to use people as guinea pigs for their cruel experiments in an attempt to gain control of the world and form the New World Order predicted in the Bible. (

As further proof of man’s arrogance and lust for power and control, he has created this weapon as a means of not only controlling our minds but the weather as well. Refer to the following article for specifics. (

And yes, for those who suffered through Katrina, the tsunami, and winter storms, anyone who died during these calamities are considered mere collateral damage in the eyes of those responsible. Our lives are considered worthless. We are expendable.

How sad it is that men have reached a point where they want to do these things to other human beings and innocent living creatures throughout the world.

But fear not! For behold! I bring you good tidings of great joy that shall be to all the people!

The Almighty I AM, Lord God Jehovah, Lord God Yeshua, Jesus Christ, are well in control of all that we are going through and will go through in the future.

Jesus Christ’s return is imminent, so we must be ready for what is to come.

Although many will have to suffer through the Tribulation Period mentioned in Scripture, much of your future may depend on whether or not you trust Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior or if you take the Mark of the Beast.

If you take the Mark, then be assured that you will end up in eternal punishment. You will have sold your soul to Satan.

If you choose NOT to take the Mark, then you will be assured eternity in Heaven with our Lord God. You will have eternal life.

To assure yourself a place in Heaven, to experience joy untold with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, then accept Him into your heart, trusting Him to provide for you and protect you. It will not guarantee you a life without pain or suffering, but you will know in the end that you will have done the right thing. God loves you and accepts you right where you are. And no sin you have committed is beyond His power to forgive.

Also, since salvation is a two-step process, once you have accepted Jesus into your heart, then you must confess Him before men. Share your joy and salvation – the good news – to at least one other person. If you do not confess Jesus before men, neither will He confess you before His Father in Heaven when the time comes.

So trust me, folks. The enemy, Satan, is behind all the destructive forces present in our world today. But God is there to help, guide, and protect you through everything that will occur. He predicted it. It’s all in Scripture.

So just trust Him. And receive Him today.

You will be glad you did, I promise you.

To see for yourselves:®-dispersant-ingredients-revealed/’s-cia-pedigree/,business,dick-cheney-halliburton-implicated-in-bp-deepwater-horizon-oil-spill

Here is the latest on the BP oil spill:

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