Recently a friend contacted me about a breakthrough for Morgellon’s Disease that really works.   I was asked to share this here so others would know some relief from this horrific disease.  This home remedy was actually shared by a veterinarian who treats animals for Morgellon’s.  And yes, animals do contract this horrible disease as well.  And do NOT let your doctors or psychiatrists tell you it is all in your head or doesn’t exist, when we all know that it does.

The remedy is inexpensive and easily obtainable.  It is simply:  MAYONAISSE.

All you have to do is put any brand of mayonnaise on the areas afflicted by Morgellon’s and rub it in. Apparently the little Morgellon’s critters do NOT like this stuff and flee from it.  When they escape through your pores/skin, quickly drop them into the sink and flush them down the drain.

That’s all there is to it.

Many different treatments have been used to combat this terrible plague, but this is one that I am told truly works.  Since it is a simple home remedy and easily affordable, it won’t hurt for anyone who has Morgellon’s to try it out.  It certainly can’t hurt.

Feel free to share this easy remedy.  I am told it works good in your hair, too, for this problem.

Shalom, and my God bless you.


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