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  • Are You A Targeted Individual?

  • The Realities of Mind Control Over Populations

  • The New BAN Healthcare System


Are You A Targeted Individual?

As a targeted individual, I felt the need to share this information with you, for those who are suffering, not just from Morgellons Disease perhaps, which the powers that be don’t want you to know exists, but especially from direct targeting and torture by the New World Order Globalists. The powers that be belong to Satan and are trying to put the entire world under globalist control by bringing the AntiChrist, Satan’s own, to complete governance of every nation on the Earth. This has been Satan’s plan from the beginning, when he was first cast to Earth eons ago.

The globalists want to control every aspect of your life because they know that no one in their right mind would ever want to serve Satan. He hates all of us, yet still his deceptions are rampant, causing many to serve him because of their false beliefs. Any opposition to the New World Order, anyone who speaks truth, perhaps as a whistleblower, anyone who is a true Christian, etc. can quickly be targeted by these Satanic globalists throughout the world.  It is said that there are over three million targeted individuals in the United States alone, over seven million worldwide.

The following is taken directly from information shared by Citizens Against Harmful Technology ( I will not go into comprehensives. You can go to the website and research much of this yourself. But I want to let you know that this is actually happening, not just in America but throughout the entire world. The powers that be are using directed energy weapons against people, as they did in California when they started all of the wildfires in their efforts to clear the roadways and wipe out complete towns so they could implement their own agenda a few years ago. Other directed energy/electronic torture includes RF/Microwave, Laser, Acoustic, and Particle Beam technology. Psychological, chemical, biological, and weather weapons are being used to attack civilians. 5G is also playing a major part in this sad state of affairs.

Many people are being killed through these torturous attacks. This includes children as well. I know a man whose wife was microwaved in the bathtub and died. Later his young granddaughter was killed, too. I have heard of several others, including young mothers, disabled people, including the blind, who have died or have been threatened or tortured by their own family members. One woman I spoke with said that her own grandchildren told her that her parents, who are perps, want her dead. Much of these types of incidents are the result of direct mind control. What’s worse is that the police know all about the gang stalking, etc. done by evil perpetrators – perps – who are low-lifes who can’t seem to get and hold any sort of a job. They are lazy and self-serving.  So all of these wicked people have been recruited to perform every form of inhumane torture that can be devised against innocent people – physical assault, poisoning, theft, vandalism and destruction, and the list goes on. And these evil people come from all walks of life. If you report anything to the police, they will tell you that you need psychiatric help and will refuse to help you. Why? Because they have been ordered to do so by the powers that be, although they know all of this is happening.  Sadly, it are the perps who are all in need of major psychiatric help for help with their jealousy and insecurities, self-hatred, anger, shame, low self-esteem, etc.

The Realities of Mind Control Over Populations

I live in a city filled with people, including the police, who are under direct mind control and Satanic influence. There is much witchcraft here, and astral projection seems to be a way of life among many citizens. As a seer, I have seen things most people don’t, and I also have strong spiritual discernment.

When I arrived in this small Kansas town, lured here through deception by that cult I warned you about, I had no idea what I was walking into. I had no idea I was moving into a neighborhood filled with criminals that are allowed to get away with everything evil that they do. I feel evil spirits that are attached to some of the people here, many of them false Christians. It was no mistake that God sent me here, to help me experience and learn things I had not learned elsewhere, so it has all been for God’s purposes. However, I had never dealt with witches until I arrived in Kansas, nor did I know I was targeted until I arrived here. I am not sure how this happened, but after looking back at things in my life, I realize I have been targeted for a long time, even before I left New York State. But I have never experienced anything such as I have experienced here.

Unfortunately, the hired ‘perps’ and ‘thugs’ working for the powers that be have been committing inhumane crimes against me on a regular basis, since 2008 when I arrived here. I discovered that this is a spiritually dead town full of not only criminals but people of low self-esteem who are jealous of others who are smarter, more educated, better looking, or who have material possessions they want for themselves.  They are full of hatred and self-loathing and are proficient liars, too, I’ve learned, which has made it difficult for some of these people here to even hold a job. It took me many years to figure out some of what has been going on here because I was raised in a happy, exciting college town and knew a lot of people.  But never people like these.  The place I moved to is filled with some of the most evil people I have ever met. I got stuck here because the ‘perps’ have managed to accomplish what they have set out to do. Impoverish me to no end. But what I do know is that God warned me years ago that He would not allow me to be destroyed or controlled by these wicked people. There is still more to the ministry God has given me than what it currently is.

When I have encountered those under mind control here, I see a film suddenly come across their eyes as they are lying to me. The police here who are either Federalized, under the COPS program, are under severe control, or are a part of Cointelpro, America’s Secret Police program, implemented by the FBI. I have had words with a few police here who have come at me with rage, blasting me for no apparent reason. Then immediately something in them changes, either based on what I am saying or something else. Either way, the person suddenly gives himself a shake, and his mouth drops as some external control leaves him and he realizes he may have said things that did not come from him. This has happened several times in front of me, not just with the police here but with others I have spoken with. There is always something I say that seems to suddenly break the ‘hold’. The person gives himself a shake, as if suddenly waking up, and the person’s mouth drops open as if shocked by what had been coming out of his mouth. The person appears to return back to his normal state and seems too dumbfounded to say anything else, to explain his odd behavior. Usually, I just up and walk away from him, too upset by what he had been saying to me because I knew things for what they were.

It has been shared among the targeted community (T. I.s) that several small U. S. towns have been targeted and put under mind control. Not sure if this is an experiment or what. Either way, it is a horrible situation. Unfortunately, none of these people even know they are under this control. What appears to be protecting me is my strong prayer life. I also cover myself with the blood of Jesus every morning and at night which helps protect me from outside influences. To block Voice-To-Skull attacks, I recite that “I will not react to constructive suggestions.” a few times a day, which seems to help. I also spend a lot of time breaking off witchcraft curses.

Several of the government perps doing evil against me are heavily involved in the occult. I do a lot of spiritual warfare because the ‘perps’ assaulting and harassing me use witchcraft to send evil spirits and/or demons against me. Some of these people appear to be possessed. This seems to be a whole other level of ‘perping’ that perhaps some people never endure. Also, there is technology out there being used against T. I.s that make things even more difficult. Whether witches are using this technology through their training is as yet unknown, but I am working on finding out. I do know that some military bases are actively involved in torturing people and/or are using surveillance equipment, electronics, etc. to spy on innocent people. Many probably already know this.

The New BAN Healthcare System

The following information is that taken directly from the book someone sent me, which explains why all of this is happening to innocent people throughout the world:

“A New World Order Globalist scheme is underway to electronically enslave every human on the planet by connecting everyone’s brain to a computer with a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) to make each person part of the Internet of Things (“IoT”). Targeted individuals are medical test subjects being covertly implanted with an electronic Wireless Medical Body Area Network (“BAN”) while they are sleeping or during medical procedures. The BAN is made up of (1) an Artificial Intelligence system which connects the brain to a radio network and cochlear implant for 2-way radio communication, (2) a cell phone internet/computer interface using Bluetooth or Zigbee, (3) RFID chip tracking devices (“CTTL”), (4) heart and lung monitors, (5) blood pH, blood oxygen, glucose, temperature and carbon dioxide monitors, (6) sensory implants in the eyes, ears, face, nose and throat which record what you say, hear, see and smell, (7) choking technology in throat, (8) pressure and motion sensors in arms, legs, feet and buttocks, (9) accelerometers, (10) liquid crystal and nano devices in the blood, (11) neurostimulators on nerves and muscles to vibrate and heat the body to control the target with pain and (12) implants for electronic rape. Covert implants can be injected into the brain using a long needle inserted up through the sinuses, through the eye sockets or through the top of the mouth.

“TI’s are slaves to the implants, V2K and neural monitoring. They are tortured mercilessly with shocking, vibrating, burning and pain. Cell towers, phone antennas and drones direct energy at them to activate their implants, to keep the target from sleeping, to erase their memory, degrade their health and evoke extreme emotions. TI’s are antagonized to provoke an event during which the target reacts to their torture and is accused by authorities of being a criminal or mentally ill. They are wrongly kidnapped for “mental health” exams, forcibly drugged and implanted. If it can happen to anyone, it can happen to you, violating every right you thought you had. The new BAN healthcare system is meant to remotely monitor, control and punish every citizen! It is a torture system.”

So clearly, anyone can see that this torture system has come straight from the pits of Hell to target people, not just God’s children. I just want you to be aware of what is happening in our world. If you are targeted, just know that you are not alone in this evil. God knows what is happening and, if we endure till the end, we shall be saved. So trust God and no one else. These are the darkest days we will ever live through. Just know that God has a plan and that the days of these wicked people are all numbered. Satan has already lost the war of good versus evil. All of the wicked will be destroyed in accord with the timeline of the Almighty. It is inevitable.

I am praying for you. So hold fast to God, and He will hold fast to you. Know that if you are targeted, that you are chosen of God. So keep your chin up. For you are blessed and very special in the eyes of God, believe it or not. Know that He loves you beyond measure. Nothing can ever change that.

* * * *

“Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.” 

(Eph. 6:16 KJV)

To whom coming, as unto a living stone, disallowed indeed of men, but chosen of God and precious.”

(1 Peter 2:4 KJV)

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people: that ye should shew forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light:”

(1 Peter 2:9 KJV)

Targeted Individuals

High Tech Stalking

Targeted Individuals Are Chosen By God

Targeted Individuals Are Intellectually Superior Beings

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Citizens Against Harmful Technology (


  • Satan Has An Agenda

  • Choosing Men Over God

  • Freedom Or Bondage

  • Depopulation Is Well Under Way

  • The 2020 U. S. Presidential Election


Satan Has An Agenda

For eons, the Adversary, Satan, has hated God. This is no secret. For eons, Satan has been planning how to dominate the world and get all of God’s creation to bow down and worship him. As you can see now, he is close to accomplishing his desire. Through the lies of Socialism, Fascism, and Communism. He has been deceiving man- and woman-kind – oh, sorry, should I say us-kind? – since the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This evil reptile, this dragon, is still working his evil through those he has deceived into believing his lies. In America, this would be those we know as the Left. Today’s Democrats are actually Communists at heart, those who no longer stand for the people of America. They hate Americans as much as Satan hates us. Because they belong to Satan. Many are Satan worshippers, Luciferians, worshippers of Molech and Baphomet, the goat of Mendes. Under Satanic influence, these evil followers are intent on bringing about the New World Order. And they are putting in place only people that they know will obey the elite puppet masters of the Satanic regime. One thing we all know is that most of these people are hypocrites, liars, wanting power over all of us. They want to obliterate us, make us poor and controlled, while they take all of the world’s wealth as their own.

Choosing Men Over God

When men first decided they did not want God to rule over them as King, they started demanding a man be set over them. (1 Samuel 8:6; 10:19) So God gave them what they wanted. Remember the story of King Saul?  (1 Samuel)  Fortunately, later, God set King David in his place, who was a man after God’s own heart. (Acts 13:22) David wasn’t perfect, but He loved God and did his best to obey Him. Sadly, many who came after David turned away from God and messed up our world again.

Men over the centuries were self-centered, greedy, and power hungry, much like those of today. They ruled as they saw fit, not as God directed, and were just as corrupt as many of our leaders today. So now, look at the mess men, even women like Jezebel, have made of things. They have given themselves over to their false god, Satan, who is directing things now, for the detriment of all mankind. The utopia they imagine will never come to pass because I am certain God will intervene quickly and destroy all that the elite and the Left want to happen, including all the wicked involved in this evil scheme. God is still in control of the universe He created. Nothing can overthrow Him or thwart His plans.

America thrived from the beginning because it was a country created under Judeo-Christian beliefs and values. The Left is trying to change all of this by implementing their destructive ideologies. I even heard a few days ago that the Democrat running against Trump even supports the implementation of Sharia Law. In order to gain votes from the Muslim communities, he has now linked himself with them, whether he knows it or not. Satan has always been a destroyer, so this only makes sense. Already, he is attacking our churches and is hoping to eventually make the world completely atheistic toward God. Communist countries such as Russia and China have already tried to do this, although, as in China, Christianity is thriving behind the scenes. No matter how much the Marxists try to silence Christians in any country, it will never work. It may seem as though Satan is winning, but he is not. The Communist rulers in China already discovered that there are more Christians in their country than the number of those even in their own Communist party. This scares them, so they are cracking down on the spread of Christianity and even Islam. No matter how many times they seek to create a completely atheistic country, even after all these years, they are clearly failing.

Freedom Or Bondage

If often makes one wonder why the American Communists don’t just move to China or Russia. But clearly, they stay because it is all about their desire for power and wealth. They want the whole world to suffer under Communism because that is what Satan wants. Only ignorant people will ever want to serve Satan willingly. So they need to be tricked into doing so. Deception is the name of the game.

The Holy Bible is clear that in the last days, Satan will set up his one world government, his one world religion, and his one world rulership over the Earth. (Refer to the Book of Revelations.) If America votes in the current Democratic nominees for President and Vice-President of the United States, then America as we know it will fall. Every freedom America has enjoyed will be taken away and destroyed. All of our private property will be taken from us. Churches will be closed. People will be crammed into cities so we can be more easily controlled. (Makes this easier to wipe us all out through bombing, too.) Our children will be brainwashed and become property of the evil government the Left is intent on creating. Our health care will come under control of the government. The utopia the Left is intent on creating will be Satan’s utopia. He has already broken every commandment of the Living God, our Creator, and intends to incorporate every abomination and form of filth into this ‘new’ utopia the Left wants to create and establish. Everything our hearts hold dear will be destroyed, wiped out, made null and void.

Depopulation Is Well Under Way

If any of us survive the coming Covid vaccinations, then those who are left may be taken out at a different time. As I have mentioned before, guillotines have been set up at all FEMA camps throughout the U. S., meant to rid Satan’s world of all dissenters, opposers of the new regime, and most importantly, all true Christians and Messianic Jews, all who know Jesus Christ as Messiah and Lord of all. These people will be rounded up like cattle and given a choice in taking the Mark of the Beast or given the choice of dying by the guillotine or by gassing. Don’t forget. The powers that be want to depopulate our world by 90% to 95%, and they are trying to fulfill their evil mission any way they can. The ten percent left will be made slaves to the Satanic regime. It is sad to think that those involved with the Black Lives Matter movement may be the ones to bring back the slavery they all complain about. Right now, they are just pawns to the elite, being used to help fulfill their Satanic agenda.

It is important to know that the United Nations says that depopulating the world is a hoax, that their Agenda 21 is forworldwide sustainable development, starting at the local level.” Sorry. I’m not buying this. The powers that be always cover their agendas with more pleasing wording to keep us off-kilter.

The Bible is clear in that at some point the Enemy will make war with the saints, so don’t think any shall escape what is to come. (Rev. 13:7) No one knows, except our Father in Heaven, the day and hour when Jesus Christ will return to take his children Home, so accepting Jesus now is the best thing you may ever do. (Matthew 24:36) Why wait when salvation is so much easier now? But your heart must be sincere in your decision. Being a fake Christian will not bode well for you if you lie about your decision. If you recall, Satan is a murderer and the father of lies. Do not side with him, or it will be all the worse for you come Judgment Day. (John 8:44)

The 2020 U. S. Presidential Election

Who is to say how the 2020 U. S. Presidential election will turn out. Considering the deceitful, corrupt ways of the Left, we know they will do everything in their power to have their way. They made President Trump’s current term in office a nightmare for him and his family. But to my way of thinking, if he is reelected, it will be the best thing for America. Until his term is up, then only God can raise up whom He will to govern our nation, and Trump will step down as President. But until that time comes, I hope our freedoms will last awhile longer, by God’s grace. If the Democrats somehow win the election, putting two reprobates into the highest office in the land, then America as we know it and have loved it will be gone. Until Jesus Christ returns to establish His own righteous government, we can only trust God and pray that He will not allow Satan to win the 2020 Presidential election. Because, in truth, this election is a matter of good versus evil.

But hold on, folks, for our redemption is nigh. When Jesus Christ returns to Earth, He will set things right and put things as He wants them to be, as He has planned from the beginning. Remember, He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. (Rev. 21:6) Satan has already lost the battle. (Rev. 20:2,3)So I ask you. Which side do you want to be on?

Make Jesus Lord of your life now, before it is too late. Confess your sins and repent of them. No sin is too great for Jesus not to forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. Confess your belief in Him and acknowledge Him, that He now sits at the right hand of the Father in Heaven, get baptized by immersion, read the Bible daily and pray to Him without ceasing. Having a personal relationship with God is the most wonderful thing you can ever imagine. So I encourage you to accept Jesus before the worst of what may come happens.

E-mail me if you have questions or concerns:

God bless all of you as you seek His truth. Once God adopts you into His family, you will become brothers and sisters with all of God’s children. Doubt it not.

And always remember that God loves you beyond reason. Nothing can ever change that because He created us. Also, know that Satan is a created being. How could he ever have his way if God is Sovereign over all?


The Vortex –

The Luciferian Left

The Vortex –

The Pope’s New World Order

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Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked Him a question, tempting Him, and saying,

Master, which is the great commandment of the law?

Jesus said unto him, ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.’

This is the first and great commandment.

And the second is like unto it, ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.’”

(Matthew 22:36-39 KJV)


The Love Of God


Many years ago, I was seeking the Lord through prayer, and I asked Him to let me feel His love for all mankind. Or should I say now, for ‘us’kind, as the anarchists are trying to ram down our throats, since, by their definition, mankind no longer refers to the human race of men and women. At any rate, God did answer my prayer. He filled me with a love so strong, that I cried for hours afterward. That love even brought me to my neighbor’s door, a black woman’s door. The woman had wronged me greatly, but in a spirit of love and forgiveness, I felt God wanting me to reconcile with her. So I went to her door and spoke with her. By the time our conversation had ended, we were both hugging each other and crying. I was still crying, as I said, for hours afterward. We were still not friends, but at least we were at peace with one another. Because of the love of God.

The love of God is a powerful, wonderful emotion. It overwhelms a person, filling the person to bursting. There are no negative emotions when God’s love overtakes you. No anger, no hatred, no desire to kill or do others harm. If only the whole world knew what that feels like.

There are, of course, many different types of love. But the love of God overshadows them all. His love is all that is important, especially during these turbulent times. We are moving from the beginning of sorrows to a tribulation unlike anything the world has ever known. What is happening throughout America’s major cities today is but a tip of the iceberg. And because of these terrible events, hatred and rage is abounding as never before. An America that was once pretty much color blind is now reverting backwards. Satan is inspiring others to nurse their real or imagined wounds of a bygone era. This is tragic. Many are needlessly dying because God haters are giving free reign to their negative emotions and beliefs. As I have experienced in my daily life, many today are haters of all that is good. (2 Tim. 3:3)


Prove Him


People who worship Satan or are into the occult appear to have gone in that direction because they see that Satan freely gives his followers instant gratification. Those who love and worship the God of all creation know that sometimes we have to wait for things. When we pray, God will either tell us ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘maybe’. Sometimes He is quick to answer our prayers. Other times He makes us wait for an answer, perhaps for months or even years. He always has our best interests at heart, and there is a purpose for all that He does. So, as Christians, we must learn to wait, knowing that God is in control of the universe and has things well in hand. And, most importantly, He loves us beyond measure, in ways we can’t even begin to understand. And oftentimes, when our prayers are finally answered, we will discover that the answer may be even more glorious and wonderful than what we even asked Him for.

I once ordered a jacket through the mail (no personal computers or cell phones back then). The jacket I ordered was blue because that was all that was available. But I really wanted a black one. Not sure I specifically asked the Lord for a black one, but He knew my heart in the matter. And lo and behold, when my jacket arrived, it was – yes, you guessed it – black. I was overjoyed.

And that is how God operates, people, for those of you who do not know. When you walk with God, He gives you the desires of your heart.

I could give you endless examples of how God has blessed me, but I thought this one a good example.

If you doubt the existence of God, then prove Him. Pray and ask Him for whatever it is you want. Start with something small. But know that God is the God of the impossible, and no request is too small for Him to answer. But you must ask everything to be done in accordance with His will, not yours. You can make no demands on God. When you pray, humble yourself before you go into the throne room of Heaven. Then petition the Lord for whatever you need. It is best to confess your sins first and be certain your heart is pure before the Lord. Walk in His ways, loving others as you do, and thank God for everything He gives you and everything He does in your life. In this way, you may see miraculous happenings begin to occur in your life. A heart filled with rage, hatred, and unforgiveness will usually get you nowhere. Ask God to fill your heart with His love, peace, and forgiveness of those who have wronged you before you begin asking Him for anything, and see what happens in your life.


Chaos and Lawlessness


In this age of chaos and lawlessness, loving your neighbor is more important than ever before. Do not allow Satan to steal your peace or allow hatred and unforgiveness to overwhelm you. Seek God and ask Him to saturate your heart with His love for all mankind. And ask Him to keep your love strong and alive so you will be pleasing to Him. Do not allow yourself to fall prey to the Enemy’s wiles and temptations. Do not allow your love to grow cold.

Remember, Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. (John 10:10) He is running rampant right now in many parts of the world because he is attempting to bring the AntiChrist to power over the world, as prophesied in Scripture. (II Thess. 2) His aim is to create a One World Communist Government, with him at the helm. The American Democrats, many of whom are Luciferians, are on Satan’s side and, sadly, want the majority of us dead. But since the Bible says that Satan has already lost his battle against Almighty God, then it is only a matter of time before Jesus Christ returns to take control and defeat Satan and all of his followers. Personally, I do not want to live in a world ruled by Satan.  If we can hold on to our freedoms awhile longer, it would be the best thing that could ever happen. Yes, God has a plan, but we must all fight against the Socialist/Communist takeover of our nation and our world, and trust God to put things right when Jesus returns to establish His own Government of Righteousness, Peace, Truth, and Justice.  (Rev. 21 and 22)


And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.

And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

And because iniquity [lawlessness] shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” (Matthew 24:10-13 KJV)


The Love of God – Mercy Me (With Lyrics)

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