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Hello, everyone!  Just wanted to give you an update on what is happening with this ministry.

Recently, the Lord has directed Waterfalls International End Time Ministry to join with two other ministries:  Spoken Word Healing International Ministries and Glory Gate Ministry.  We will be three separate and distinct ministries, representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but we will all be one, of one accord in the Lord God.  Spoken Word Healing International Ministries will be the umbrella ministry over the other two, but we all have our separate roles to play during these last days.  All of this is directed by the Holy Spirit of God.

Also, I wanted to confirm that Waterfalls International End Time Ministry is now officially a deliverance ministry.  There was a recent experience through this ministry that finally brought this into fruition.

Currently, God is establishing the joining of these three ministries, sharing His will for the ministry overall and directing us on how He wants us to work together to fulfill His will and purposes.  We are all in a state of transition and transformation, personally and otherwise.

Right now the three main people over these three ministries meet several times a week, holding conference calls to hear what God wants us to do and teaching us new things about Him and of how He wants us to proceed.  These are global conference calls, so anyone is invited to join with us for occasional teachings, sharing of needs and prayers, or just to get a Word from the Lord.

This is an exciting time, and a powerfully exciting move of the Spirit of God.  Feel free to connect with us on our Facebook pages or websites.  They will all be linked, as will our websites as soon as we get time to get everything done we are being called to do.  God is drawing into this ministry His most powerful, strong, and gifted warriors, and it is absolutely amazing the prophecies coming through for us and the ministry.  It IS five-fold.

Once this ministry comes to full fruition, on a global scale, you will begin seeing God moving as never before.  Praise be to God!



I want to let you know that this website has been compromised by an unidentified source, although we have our suspicions.  At this time, all steps have been taken to protect it.  But I want to inform you that at some point, once the Lord relocates this ministry to another State, we will be building a new website and shutting this one down.

At any rate, if you come across something questionable on this website, be assured that it is not from us but probably an attempt to discredit the Truth of Almighty God or the words we post.  If you do see anything, please be sure and notify us at: so we can correct the problem.

Also, this website was not built by the designer currently named at the bottom of our home page.  That is one of the hackers who broke in.  The new website will be built by the original designer.

The Lord has great plans for this ministry, and it has yet to come to full fruition.

It has been revealed that Waterfalls International End Time Ministry will be a five-fold ministry, a deliverance ministry.  So, until the Lord brings this ministry into what He wants it to be, we will continue to post as we have been.  However, because this site has been compromised, you may not see as many posts as before, until we get the new site up and running.  I am not sure how long it will take, so I am just forewarning you.

Waterfalls International End Time Ministry was started in the year 2000 and has many partners throughout various countries who are patiently waiting for the fruition of the ministry.  At the point of inception, this ministry was submitted completely to the Lord God, for Him to make of it what He wants it to be.  The direction it took has surprised us, so we are eager to see what God has in store for our future ministry work.  Our main goal is to share the Truth of God’s Word, alert you as to what is happening around us, and to help direct people into eternal life through salvation in Jesus Christ, the one True God of Heaven and Earth.  Neither God nor us want to see anyone lost to the enemy who, as you can see, if already running rampant throughout the world.

At any rate, please bear with us as we move forward into the year of our Lord two hundred and fifteen.  I know God has wonderful things in store for this ministry, and I hope you will all be a part of it.

May the Lord bless you as He guides us into this new year.  We will keep you updated.

Blessed be the name of the Lord Our God always and forever!

Shalom, my friends,



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